In Naturopathy, natural resources and agents will be used for the sole purpose of increasing the health status of people, strengthening the immune system,

Toxemia (presence of toxic substances in the blood) is eliminated from the body, although natural and simple techniques are also used for this, especially in relation to food, herbology, with Bach flowers, Ayurveda, essential oils, Homeopathy, and even resorting to manual techniques such as acupuncture, ear acupuncture, etc., yes, always with a different approach.

In short, the Naturopathic Method does not focus from the perspective of the disease, the goal of a Naturopath is the education and promotion of health, instead from the perspective of Natural Medicine, his goal is to prevent and cure the disease with treatments natural.

The Naturopath is not a doctor, does not make a nosological diagnosis, does not cure diseases, but helps the patient to follow the path of restoring health, allows him to find in himself the mental and physical energy to fight disease, and can help those who use it to choose the natural treatment method (or conventional, in some cases) that best suits their problem. In fact, naturopathy does not act as a substitute for allopathic medicine (Western classical medicine), but as a complementary tool. The naturopath could also be called a “health advisor”.

The Naturopath has the obligation to respect and adapt his recommendations to those that the doctor is already indicating to the person.